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May. 2nd, 2009

You know, nineteen doesn't feel all that different from eighteen... I'm kind of glad my birthday just passed quietly. No point in celebrating when there's not much a difference from one year to the next, right? It's already been over a year since I came here. Wow.

Anyways, Arche and Suzu? Cless asked me to check up on you two. Everything okay?


[Chester's on the edge of the forest, bow and arrow in hand as he practices. He looks sad, and his aim is not what it usually is. Sighing faintly, he launches another arrow, then curses when it goes off track. He lets his arm drop then, looking annoyed. Bother away.]
Oh come on! Not this again!

[Female Chester ahoy. >>]


[Chester's out on the steps of his house, re-stringing his bow and doing maintenance on the whole thing. Gotta take care fo your weapons in cold weather, yeah? Feel free to bother him.]


[A soft melody from a music box floats through the air for a moment, before there's the soft click of the lid being shut and a rather sad sigh.]

Never thought they'd send me this. Ami used to love this music box...
Cless, if you go off on one of your little adventures without me one more time, I'm going to pin you to a tree branch by your cape and let you swing there for a week.

And trust me, I'm serious.
Looks like tonight is going to be really nice. There's a nice breeze and it's clear... I bet you'll be able to see tons of stars in the sky.

Maybe I'll watch them this evening.

Locked to ClessCollapse )


My mouth stays shut for however long this keeps up. End of story. [The sound of papers rustling as he attempts to close the journal.]

You'd think people would stop talking if they were so worried about blabbing, it's really annoying. All they do is whine.


Damn! This thing was still recording.


Jul. 30th, 2008

All right... so far I know this:

1. This place is called Luceti.
2. There's a pretty big village here... bigger than Miguel anyways.
3. There's an even bigger forest around the village, one that I have yet to explore.
4. I have no clue how to get out of here.

Anyone want to chime in and give me anything else? The help would be... appreciated.

And Cless? Let me know if you found anything out, okay?

[[OOC: Chester is 29, and doesn't remember Luceti worth a damn. xD But he's actually being a bit social for once, so feel free to jump.]]

Jul. 8th, 2008

This had gone beyond humiliating. Stupid bugs...

I'm not even going to comment on the stuffed puppy.

[[By bugs, he means the pixies. >>; Chester's pride is bruised.]]

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