The Arrow of Justice

24 April
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"It‘s high time you stopped selling humanity so short."

Name: Chester Barklight
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 24th
Place of Birth: The Village of Toltus
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’8’’
Sister: Ami
Fandom: Tales of Phantasia
Time Period: End Game
Wing Color: Gray
Skills: Archery, fishing, sewing, cooking, woodwork (bow making/witling), and (secretly) singing.
Residence: House #1
Relationship Status: Taken

Chester was born in the village of Toltus, and has lived there all his life.. From a young age his father taught him archery, and he took it seriously, practicing diligently. He is an older brother, and very loving and protective of his sister, Ami. While he was still young, his parents died (though how or why is never said) and Chester was left completely in charge of Ami. He took this extremely seriously, growing possibly even more protective of her than before. He started training even more with his bow and arrow so he could hunt properly and get food for him and Ami. All the while, his best friend Cless Alvein was by his side. They did pretty much everything together, from hanging out to hunting. From the beginning it is obvious they are close.

One day, Chester goes with Cless into the forest to do some hunting. When they arrive home, they find that Toltus has been burned to the ground, and everyone in the village is dead. Devastated by the loss of his sister and the rest of the village, Chester buries everyone, and remains behind while Cless goes off to find his uncle in another town. From this point on Chester is left alone until Cless, Mint, and himself head off to try and stop Dhaos’ revival after meeting Morrison. Needless to say, it doesn’t work and Dhaos comes back anyways. In attempt to stop Dhaos in the past, a spell is cast by Morrison, sending Cless and Mint into the past while Chester stays behind and fights Dhaos to keep him occupied. And for the next several hours of the game, Chester isn’t heard from.

When Cless and the gang finally return to the present they find Chester beaten and bloody, Dhaos about to take him down for good. The others fight Dhaos off, and think they kill him, and save the bluenette archer, but Chester is pretty hurt and needs time to recover.

Unfortunately, the fun isn’t over for everyone. It turns out that they didn’t defeat Dhaos in the ruins, and that he has gone to the future. Yay for time leaping! A messenger from the future comes and informs the heroes that they are needed again to stop Dhaos, so they agree. Just as they are about to leave, Chester asks to be taken along despite his injuries. Even though he is hurt, he hates to slow the others down, and so he pushes himself very hard in order to keep up. He even trains late at night in order to become as strong as everyone else in the group. He hates being a burden, and eventually he makes it so that he isn’t one.

By the end, Chester has grown in strength, and he accompanies his allies on their journey until the end. Right before Dhaos’s castle, Chester is pulled from where he was going and dropped into Luceti.

Personality wise, Chester is pretty interesting. He may come off as grouchy, but he’s not really mean. He just isn’t incredibly outgoing, some may even say he’s shy. He has a bad temper, and is easily annoyed, especially by Arche. But he is a kind boy, and he is loyal to a fault. He almost got killed trying to stop Dhaos so that Mint and Cless had time to work things out in the past. After losing his sister, Chester does have moments of sadness or possibly even *Gasp* emo moments. But he doesn’t usually dwell on it for long, moving ahead and helping his pals to the best of his ability. He is also a very determined individual, shown by his diligent training.


Journal: wildsaber
Roleplay: Homeless

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